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superconductor ring

Superconductor Flat Ring

Discover the exceptional beauty and craftsmanship of LumoBlue's Superconductor Rings, a collection of unique and handcrafted jewellery made in the UK.

Crafted from a single piece of Superconductor cable, these rings repurpose an industrial material commonly used in high magnetic field devices like MRI machines and particle accelerators, adding a touch of innovation and style to your jewellery collection.

The Superconductor Ring is created by cutting a section from one end of the cable, resulting in a captivating band with a wide flat profile. The intricate patterns that emerge on the ring's surface are formed by the layers of titanium-niobium alloy and copper within the cable. As a result, each Superconductor ring boasts a one-of-a-kind pattern, making it a truly unique piece of artistry.

LumoBlue offers two stunning finish options for the Superconductor Ring: Highly Polished, which showcases a brilliant and reflective shine, and Satin Matte, which exudes a sophisticated and understated charm. Choose the finish that best complements your personal style and preferences.


Crafting each Superconductor Ring involves meticulous attention to detail. After cutting the rod to the desired size, LumoBlue carefully shapes the ring into the chosen finish and style. Skilled artisan, G then hand polishes the ring to achieve a high degree of shine, enhancing its visual appeal. To ensure your comfort and protect against tarnish and oxidation, a metal protector is applied to prevent direct interaction between the copper and your finger.


Please note that each Superconductor Ring is made to order and requires approximately 3 weeks for production. If you desire a different finish or shape, LumoBlue's dedicated team is ready to assist you. Simply reach out to Katie at, and she will provide guidance and support throughout the customization process.

While Superconductor cables are primarily used in industrial applications, LumoBlue has transformed this material into exquisite jewellery pieces. Embrace the fusion of industrial innovation and artistic craftsmanship with LumoBlue's Superconductor Rings. Elevate your style with these extraordinary pieces that capture the essence of uniqueness and industrial beauty.

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