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Getting the right size for your handmade ring

Are you hesitant to buy a ring online without trying it on first?

We understand the downside of online shopping, especially when it comes to finding the perfect fit. At our handmade jewellery business in Aberdeenshire, we strive to make this process less daunting and more enjoyable for our customers.

ring size circumference and diameter

So, how can we ensure we get your ring size right the first time?

We strongly advise that you take the time to be absolutely sure of your size. Factors like time, age, weather, and weight can all influence your finger size.

LumoBlue ring size guide

Many high street jewellers offer free ring sizing services, which provide an excellent opportunity to try on different ring shapes and widths and getting the size right for your handmade ring.

To assist you further, ring gauges can be easily purchased from platforms like Amazon and eBay for a minimal cost. For slim rings, a plastic, rigid ring gauge will suffice. However, for rings that are 5mm or wider, we recommend investing in a metal ring gauge. Test the size at different times of the day and take your time to triple check that you're happy with the chosen size. We can even accommodate half sizes, consider bespoke measurements from previous handmade rings, and convert international sizes to UK sizes.

If you have used a gauge, kindly post it to us. Remove the sizes from the loop and send them to our address, along with a note containing your name and order number. In case one size feels too tight while the other feels too loose, send us both, and we will determine the best fit for you. You can find our address under the Contact option on our website's menu or within your confirmation email.

If you're in the Aberdeenshire area, we invite you to book a visit to our showroom. It's an opportunity to experience our extensive ring collection, receive accurate sizing guidance, and even spend time with our lovable dogs and cats. We love meeting our customers in person!

We believe in creating unique, handmade rings of the highest quality. Unlike mass-produced, imported alternatives, every ring we make is crafted from scratch specifically for you. We offer over 85 rings for sale, available in various widths and 45 different sizes. That's a staggering 30,600 options! And that's not even considering the countless possibilities for engraving. Our commitment to bespoke craftsmanship means we cannot accept returns for incorrectly sized rings. For more information, please refer to our full Store Policies.

In summary, if you're uncertain about your ring size, we strongly encourage you to either get professionally measured or purchase a ring gauge. We want your experience with us to be exceptional, making online ring shopping as risk-free as possible.

We at LumoBlue are dedicated to ensuring your ring fits perfectly, reflecting the love and commitment it represents. Trust us to provide you with exceptional craftsmanship and personalized service that exceeds your expectations.

how to get the right ring size when buying online

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