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What's on the inside?

They say it's what is on the inside that counts, so what can you expect with our rings?

We make sure the inside of all our rings are polished and have a comfort fit, this means they have a convex shape on the inside, almost like a bevelled edged ring.

We do this for ease of wear, less of the ring touches the surface area of your finger and it enables the movement of your digits much more freely.

The inside of the ring curves towards the edges and does not have a flat shape. The width of the ring will also make a difference to comfort, the larger the width of a ring, the more metal will touch the finger but we always give them a comfort fit shape.

The convex shape is so slight that it will not make a difference to the size of the ring needed.

A standard style makes the ring flat on the inside, which means the entire surface of the ring will be touching the finger. This doesn't take into account the natural change in finger shape, where the thinnest part is nearest the bottom knuckle, and it will help in taking the ring off and on if you do have larger knuckles too.

In short, a comfort shape is exactly that, handcrafted for comfort.

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