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Gems and Precious Stones

When we started LumoBlue in October 2020 we had so many plans and one of these was making rings with stones. Starting a business mid-pandemic gave us lots of obstacles, one of those was finding the right courses to gain the skill to make more complicated rings. We live just outside Aberdeen too which made the search for the right course even more difficult. We booked courses but they were quickly cancelled, some of them were even in the far South-West of the UK.

We have many requests each month about stone set rings, using an already mounted ring for a different type of jewellery of ring, but unfortunately this isn't something we will be able to do right now. Repurposing jewellery and making engagement rings is something we will do, we just do not know when. Being in the handmade jewellery circuit we know of many reputable businesses within the UK, if you need help finding one please ask as another passion of ours is to help the hand crafted jewellery makers in the UK thrive!

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