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Titanium Ring with Black Zirconium Liner

Titanium Ring with Black Zirconium Liner

Titanium Ring with Black Zirconium Liner 


Exceptional Craftsmanship:

Experience the artistry of our handcrafted Titanium Ring with a Black Zirconium Liner, fitted with precision using an "interference fit." This technique ensures a seamless connection, enhancing both aesthetics and comfort.


Unique Interference Fit:

Ever wondered about an interference fit? It's a meticulous technique where the Black Zirconium liner is precisely integrated into the Titanium ring. This not only elevates the overall aesthetics but also ensures lasting comfort on your finger.


Extraordinary Qualities of Titanium and Black Zirconium:

Our Black Zirconium rings undergo intensive heat treatment, resulting in a permanent oxidized layer that feels ceramic and rivals the hardness of sapphire. The liner will feel silky soft, almost glass-like against your skin. The Titanium we use is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for wearers with sensitive skin. Its biocompatibility extends to medical procedures and implants, highlighting its safety and comfort. You can also add engraving for a personal touch.



Customisation Options:

Tailor your ring to your preferences with the option for a flat-shaped band. Choose from a variety of finishes and widths to suit your individual style.


This ring is available in two different shapes, the underlined writing are clickable links to examples:

  • Court Shape: Slightly rounded for a classic and comfortable fit.
  • Flat Shape: Sleek and modern, perfect for those seeking a contemporary look.


Finish Options:

Select the finish that suits your style:

  • Satin Matt: For a subtle and refined appearance.
  • Polished: A sleek and shiny finish for a more classic look.


Ring Size and Thickness:

Please note that this ring is designed to have a slightly higher profile than our normal rings, crafted to a 2.2mm thickness, rather than 2mm. This ensures the best fit between the Black Zirconium and Titanium, providing both durability and an optimal fit.



    PriceFrom £390.00