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hammered black ring

Deveron Hammered Black Zirconium Ring

Deveron Black Zirconium Flat Shaped Ring | Hand-Hammered Charm, Lasting Comfort

Discover the allure of the Deveron Black Zirconium Flat Shaped Ring, an increasingly popular choice among ring enthusiasts.


Handmade with Comfort in Mind:

Each ring is meticulously hand-hammered, ensuring that no two pieces are alike and exuding a true sense of uniqueness. We handcraft all our rings with a comfort fit, prioritising your comfort to avoid nipping and ensure a more comfortable feeling throughout the day.


Elegance with a Touch of Rustic Charm:

With its flat profile and impeccable polish, this ring strikes the perfect balance between elegance and rustic charm. The hand-hammered finish adds a touch of charm, making it a unique and distinctive choice.


Exceptional Qualities of Black Zirconium:

Experience the remarkable qualities of Black Zirconium, a truly extraordinary material that expands your options beyond traditional gold and silver rings. While Zirconium is typically grey in colour, our intensive heat treatment process forms a permanent oxidised layer, resulting in a ceramic-like texture and a hardness comparable to that of a sapphire. The rich black colour is fade-resistant and immune to tarnishing, ensuring lasting beauty.


Easily Removable:

In case of emergencies, the ring can be easily removed, providing peace of mind.


Effortless Maintenance for Long-Lasting Hue:

Furthermore, maintenance is effortless, allowing you to enjoy the captivating black hue for years to come. Embrace the exceptional beauty and durability of the Deveron Black Zirconium Flat Shaped Ring. Its hand-hammered finish and remarkable material make it a distinctive choice for those seeking a ring that stands out. 

    PriceFrom £250.00