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damascus steel ring black zirconium liner

Damascus Steel Ring with Black Zirconium Liner

Damascus Steel Ring with Black Zirconium Liner

Meet our Damascus Steel Ring with a Black Zirconium Liner – a distinctive and modern choice for couples seeking a truly one-of-a-kind wedding band. Choose between a court-shaped or flat-shaped band, tailoring the ring to your personal style.


Exceptional Damascus Steel:

Our Damascus Steel Ring Collection gives you a rare chance to own a wedding ring with distinctive waves, ripples, and a wood grain appearance. Treasured by bladesmiths, this high-grade Damascus Steel is now embraced in the jewellery industry, ensuring it won't rust, corrode, or turn your finger green.


Individuality and Rarity:

Celebrate the uniqueness of our Damascus Steel rings, making them a perfect choice for couples looking for something different for their special day. Each ring tells a story with its unique pattern, ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece. Maintaining this captivating ring effortless, allowing you to enjoy its modern elegance for years to come.


Available in Various Damascus Patterns:

Choose from a range of Damascus patterns, including Esk, Bervie, Findon, Crynoch, Dee, and Cowie. Each pattern adds its own character to the ring, allowing you to pick the one that speaks to your style and story. If you choose which Damascus Steel you'd like, the picture above will change.


Comfort Fit Inside for Enhanced Wear:

Enjoy the benefits of enhanced wear and long-lasting comfort with our comfort fit inside design, ensuring the ring sits better on your finger without causing discomfort.


Black Zirconium's Extraordinary Qualities:

Experience the remarkable qualities of Black Zirconium, a material that expands your options beyond traditional gold and silver rings. Our intensive heat treatment process results in a permanent oxidised layer, creating a ceramic-like texture and a hardness comparable to that of a sapphire.


Rich Black Colour and Fade Resistance:

While Zirconium is typically grey, our intensive process transforms it into a rich black colour that is fade-resistant and immune to tarnishing. Enjoy the captivating black hue, maintaining the ring's shatterproof nature. In emergencies, the ring can be easily removed.


Precision Fitted with "Interference Fit":

Crafted with precision using an "interference fit," this technique ensures a seamless connection, enhancing both aesthetics and comfort.


Personalised Engravings:

Add a personal touch to your Damascus Steel Ring with Black Zirconium Liner with our in-house engraving option.

    PriceFrom £425.00