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Zircuti vs Timascus

So you've been taken with a more colourful ring but are now stuck on which to choose?


Zircuti is an alloy, made from forging Zirconium and Titanium together. It is then heat treated to give the metal colour, these vary depending on the amount of heat that we use and because Zircuti includes Zirconium there will always be a dark strip in the ring too,

This ring is our Calder pattern, you can see the black strip between the two blue colours, over time your ring may need a fresh polish and heat re-treating. Zircuti is hypoallergenic, which means it is highly unlikely to cause allergies.

If you like the look of Damascus Steel but want a little twist, Zircuti is a perfect. All those much loved Damascus Steel twists and layers are here too.

We have many options for shapes and can make this in all sizes up to a Z+5!


Timascus is an alloy made from 2 or more different grades of Titanium. We sell the 2-alloy Lunan and the 4-alloy Lyon.

The mix of alloys creates the look of Damascus Steel with a different colour combination each time. Like Zircuti, we bring out the colours with heating the ring until the colours really pop! Timascus is also lightweight, like titanium, and hypoallergenic. Timascus will also need freshening up every now and then by polishing off the colour and re-heat treating.

Both rings are a great alternative to Damascus, colourful layers and ripples that will get people asking just what the ring is made of. Timascus is a lighter weight than the Zircuti, both will need a freshen up every now and then. The Zircuti has the darker strip in it whereas the Timascus is all colours.

We add new materials often, looking for the unusual and different.

Take a look now.


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