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superconductor obsidian cut ring

Superconductor Obsidian Cut Ring

Superconductor Obsidian Cut Ring | Unmatched Craftsmanship

Discover the epitome of uniqueness and craftsmanship with our extraordinary Superconductor Obsidian Cut Ring.

Crafted from a single piece of Superconductor cable, this ring showcases an awe-inspiring design that combines copper and titanium-niobium rods. The cable is meticulously cut at an angle, revealing a mesmerizing pattern formed by the interplay of the titanium-niobium alloy and copper layers.


A Unique Journey:

This blog post invites you to explore the remarkable Superconductor ring and appreciate the charm of patina. Despite its protective coating, this ring may not be the ideal everyday wear, as it will develop a natural patina over time.


Each Superconductor ring is truly one-of-a-kind, with patterns varying based on the cable and cut used. Our meticulous process involves cutting the rod at an angle, shaping the bar, machining the middle to your desired size, and undergoing an acid treatment to accentuate the prominence of the rods. The ring is then shaped into your preferred finish and style. To ensure a comfortable fit, we hand-polish every edge, eliminating any sharp points.


Behind-the-Scenes: #OperationSubmarine

Follow the exclusive behind-the-scenes journey of creating this extraordinary ring on Instagram. Search #operationsubmarine to witness the intricate process and dedication that goes into crafting each Superconductor Obsidian Cut Ring.


Please note that the production of this ring takes approximately 3 weeks. If you desire a different finish or shape, kindly reach out to for personalised assistance.


Superconductor in High Magnetic Field Devices:

Superconductor cables are primarily used in high magnetic field devices such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines and particle accelerators. It's important to note that Superconductor is an industrial material not specifically made for jewellery.

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