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superconductor ring

Superconductor Bevel Ring

Experience the extraordinary beauty of LumoBlue's Superconductor Rings, exquisite pieces of handcrafted jewellery made in the UK.

Each ring is meticulously created from a single piece of Superconductor cable, a material commonly used in high magnetic field devices like MRI machines and particle accelerators. Repurposing this industrial marvel, LumoBlue transforms it into stunning jewellery that embodies sophistication and uniqueness.

The Superconductor Ring's enchanting pattern emerges from the interplay of titanium-niobium alloy and copper layers within the cable. When a section is cut from one end of the cable, a beautiful band with a bevel edge profile is formed. The resulting patterns vary based on the cable and cut, ensuring that no two Superconductor rings are alike. This inherent individuality makes each ring a remarkable work of art.

To achieve a refined and polished appearance, each ring undergoes meticulous craftsmanship. After cutting the rod to the desired size, LumoBlue shapes the ring into the chosen finish and style. Skilled artisan, G hand polishes the ring to a high degree of shine, enhancing its allure. A protective metal coating is applied to prevent interaction between the copper and your finger, providing additional protection against tarnish and oxidation.

LumoBlue offers two captivating finishes for the Superconductor Ring: Highly Polished, which radiates a brilliant shine, or Satin Matte, for a sophisticated and understated charm. Personalization options allow you to create a ring that reflects your unique style and preferences.

Please note that the production time for each Superconductor Ring is approximately 3 weeks.

If you desire a different finish or shape, LumoBlue's dedicated team is ready to assist you. Simply email Katie at, and she will guide you through the customization process.

Discover the fusion of industrial innovation and exceptional craftsmanship with LumoBlue's Superconductor Rings. Each ring showcases the remarkable beauty and individuality that arises from the unique patterns within the Superconductor cable. Embrace this extraordinary piece of jewellery and elevate your collection with LumoBlue's exquisite Superconductor Rings,

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