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Z+ Ring Sizes

We know that sourcing Z+ ring sizes in the UK can be challenging. Perhaps you have had to look abroad to find inclusivity, only to find cost and customs too high.

The beauty of owning your own jewellery business you can pretty much make whatever you'd like. One of the main things we did when starting LumoBlue was make sure that no matter the size and shape we could help.

We can make larger ring sizes right from Z+1 to Z+6 in various metals that include engraving too.

The main metals include:

Stainless Steel Collection - Yes, all of it!

Titanium Collection - Yep all of that too!

Black Zirconium - All the range

Esk Damascus Steel - Up to Z+5

Cowie Damascus Steel - Up to Z+5

Zircuti - Up to Z+5

..... and all of these can be engraved with a date, name or both.

If you need any help and guidance on plus sized rings you can contact us using the Contact Us below, or start browsing now.

Z+ rings uk


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