Titanium collection

We have been working really hard over the past few weeks. Not only with Christmas but also bringing another new material to our rings. Titanium!

Titanium has really grown in popularity in recent years, its a lightweight material, its just as durable as Stainless Steel. The colour is slightly darker than Stainless, a more darker grey but can be polished to a brighter colour. We have added a satin finish with a new finish of shot blasted in the next few days. The rough finish of shot blasted darkens the colour again to a gun metal grey, we will also be adding it to some of our Stainless designs too.

Titanium is fantastic as a wedding or engagement ring, affordable and classic.

We have even more planned, an added extra on some of our designs. We can't wait to tell you!

2021 will be a great year for us! Happy New Year.

announcing our titanium range