The Process

The process behind each ring is very different. Our facet rings are machined so intricately we have to perfect our process using a polymer bar beforehand as there can be a lot of mistakes made.

Due to covid a lot of the courses I had planned have been cancelled or moved to 2022 so I have had to teach myself anything I wanted to do and I love it.

Black Zirconium rings are hand fired then placed in a kiln for the final finish for 10 hours. I try to go live on Instagram or Facebook whenever I can to show you how I make everything but with the children away from school it's not always possible.

Zirconium is the most interesting to work with, naturally a grey colour it changes to a beautiful shiny black when a lot of heat is applied to it. It first goes through a rainbow of colours and I have a few photos and small videos which I'll be sharing over the coming weeks.

In time our core designs will be made in Zirconium too along with and customer designs requests, If the design you are looking for is not available to buy, drop us a message because we can make it for you.

A little peek of our new design that will be available to buy on our website and Etsy soon. As you can see the colour is a bright metallic blue, a very colourful ring!

You can also have the ring engraved which can be either slightly engraved and keeping the black layer or we can engrave through the top layer of black to the silver grey colour underneath.

I have ANOTHER metal to work with in the pipeline, the future is exciting!