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Partnership with Gift of a Wedding

Gift of a Wedding was started when Patricia, an accomplished wedding coordinator, helped a young man with a terminal illness plan his wedding with the help of volunteers, local and national businesses donating their time and services for free. It quickly ball-rolled into over 50 weddings by her second year. GoaW's mission statement is

We aim to create a no-fuss, central focal point for people with a terminal or life-shortening illness who wish to marry.

When we first started LumoBlue in October 2020 we had our goals mapped out, G and I always wanted to give back as soon as we could. We have amassed so much following and custom that we approached Gift of a Wedding, Patricia Harrison and offered our serviced for free.

I have personally followed GoaW's Facebook page for a long time and love to read the stories and see the photos of the ceremonies, each time knowing that this was the right things for us to do.

We have made a very simple way for couples to chose what kind of ring they'd like with engraving, handmade and free of charge. We would like to thank all of our customers, old and new that have made this possible to help us support couples to have the greatest day possible, their wedding day.

If you would like to know more, donate a dress, support them by following their Facebook page by searching "Gift of a Wedding" If you would like to make a monitory donation you can find it here.

We would again like to thank GoaW, Patricia, all of her team and the future couples for letting us be a part of something incredibly special.

Thank you

Katie & G


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